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Prop. Throttle Valves

Proportional flow control valve type SE and SEH
Proportional flow control valves are a type of flow valve. They generate a constant flow rate independent of the load which can be controlled in an electro-proportional and remote way. The flow control valve type SE has a directly actuated metering orifice, which has an advantage of approximately Qmin equal to zero in terms of the controllability. The flow control valve type SEH has a piloted metering orifice which is shown to be beneficial in dynamic systems with short reaction times. The flow control valve type SE and SEH is available as a single valve for pipe connection or as a manifold mounting valve. Pressure-limiting valves and randomly switchable idle circulation valves are additional options. The flow control valve type SE and SEH controls the operating speed of hydraulic consumers.
Features and benefits:
■ Electrical control of consumer operating speeds
■ Automation of operating cycles
Intended applications:
■ Construction machines
■ Machine tools
■ General hydraulic systems
■ Mining machinery

SE and SEH flow control valve

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