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Radial piston pump

Radial piston pump type R and RG
Radial piston pumps are a type of hydraulic pump. They consist of valve-controlled pump cylinders that are arranged radially. The radial piston pump type R, RG and RZ has a closed pump housing. Therefore, besides use as a motor pump outside an oil tank, installation in the container of a hydraulic power pack is also possible. The radial piston pump is available with several pressure outlets which enable the same or several different flows. Type RZ is a classic dual-stage pump consisting of a radial piston pump and a gear pump. The radial piston pump type RG has plain bearings which have a longer storage life. This type is therefore used in extreme
operating conditions. Extremely high volumetric flows can be achieved by arranging up to 6 radials in parallel.
When the radial piston pump is used in the hydraulic power pack, it is suitable for use as a highly compact control system. Connection blocks and valve banks can be mounted on the cover plate of the hydraulic power packs.

R - Radial piston pump
RZ - Dual stage pumps

Dual stage pumps type RZ
Dual stage pumps consist of a high pressure
section, i.e. a radial piston pump acc. to D 6010, and a directly mounted, play compensated gear pump forming the low pressure section. The housing of the high pressure pump provides a flange where the low pressure pump can be directly mounted. The drive shaft is designed as a thru-shaft to drive the second pump.

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