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Line rupture safety valve, Shuttle valves

Line rupture protection valve type LB
Line rupture protection valves, also called pipe rupture protection valves are a type of check valve. The valves are normally mounted directly on the cylinder. They prevent uncontrolled cylinder movement in the event of a pipe rupture or hose break. The line rupture protection valve type LB offers a high level of safety in the event of
pressure peaks. It features reproducibly accurate and secure closing at the pre-set trigger flow rate. Higher flow rates cause a plate raised from the valve seat by a spring to be pressed onto the housing seat by the flow forces and cause the valve to close. A variant with orifice bore in the valve plate permits a low flow rate in the locking direction. Type LB is available as a screw-in valve or in a housing version for in-line installation. The line rupture protection valve type LB is used in industrial vehicles, lifting platforms and lifting equipment.

LB - Line rupture safety valve
WV - Shuttle valves

Shuttle valve type WV, WVC, WVE and WVH
Shuttle valves are a type of check valve. They have two inlets and one outlet. As soon as a pressure signal is present on at least one of the two inlets, an outlet signal is generated. The inlet with the higher pressure is automatically connected to the outlet. The other inlet
with lower pressure is blocked by a ball (OR operator).
The shuttle valve type WV is integrated in a T-fitting for pipe connection. The type WVC is a screw-in valve. The shuttle valves can withstand pressures up to 700 bar and have low flow resistances. They can be used for transmitting control pressures or control and operating volumetric flows.

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