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Lifting module

Lifting module type HMT and HST
Lifting modules or hoist control valves are a combination of directional valves and pressure control valves. They are used to control a lifting function. The flow rate is controlled or limited proportionally both on lifting and also on lowering. In the lifting module type HMT and HST directional seated valves are used that ensure the load is held securely. Two-way flow control valves are used to limit the maximum flow rate. Valve sections of type SWS can be attached space-savingly to the lifting module to control additional functions. The lifting module type HMT and HST is suitable for use in industrial trucks and agricultural machinery.
Features and benefits:
■ Flexible design for fixed or variable displacement pump systems
■ Low spatial requirements due to steel design
■ Flexible combination with directional valves
Intended applications:
■ Materials handling (industrial trucks etc.)
■ Cranes and lifting equipment
■ Road vehicle

HMT - Lifting module

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