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Suction and pre-fill valves

Check valve and pre-fill valve type F
Check valves and pre-fill valves are a type of non-return valve. Check valves block the oil flow in one direction and open in the other direction. Pre-fill valves are check valves with hydraulic release. They are used, e.g. in top ram presses for suction and emptying the press cylinder on rapid closing and opening. The check valve and pre-fill valve type F is a spring-loaded disk valve and has zero leakage in the closed state. The valve is attached directly to the cylinder and clamped between the base of the cylinder and the welding-neck flange. Alternatively the valve is installed in the line between the front faces of the welding-neck flanges. The valves type F25 - F80 are available with hydraulic release. Hydraulic release suppresses relief surges that can occur at high pressure and with a large consumer volume.
Features and benefits:
■ Wafer design
■ Extremely large flows, up to 7000 l/min

Intended applications:
■ Press control systems
■ Injection moulding machines

F - Suction and pre-fill valves

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